Stall Holders

Information for Stall Holders

Fairgrounds: Coromandel Township, Area School Grounds at Tiki Road

Communication by email is preferred and will result in the fastest service for stall holders.
Because of huge stall-holder interest we have a 'first in first served' policy.
Registrations must be paid in full to secure and confirm your stall site.

There are no pre-booked stall sites!
The fair layout may change from the layout of last year at the discretion of the fair management.
The assigend stall number and location will be given to you by letter or email and the decison of the fair management on your stall stite is final.

Stall Rates: Stall Rates start at $150 for a standard 3m stall. Additional frontage is $50 per meter.
Stall Rates include GST.

We will charge a premium for corner stalls which will be charged at the longer of the two fronatge sides. All details are spelled out on our registration form.

The registration from can be downloaded from this website: Registration Form

Payment in full must be made by bank transfer before sending in your registration!
The payment details are on the registration form.