Stall Holders

Health & Safety


  1. All stallholders, volunteers and contractors must observe the Health and Safety Act 1992 and its amendments.
  2. No animals other than Guide Dogs are allowed on site at any time.
  3. All entrances and exits to the Event site and access ways must be kept clear at all times.
  4. Stallholders must keep all display equipment and signs within their allocated site. Encroachment of displays, produce or any other, materials into walkways is not permitted.
  5. Any rubbish generated by any stallholder must be removed from the allocated site at the end of the day.


This applies to any stallholders who are using BBQ's, deep fat fryers, gas bottles, coffee making machines or any equipment that would, under normal circumstances, be deemed to be a fire hazard.
  1. Such equipment must be attended by a member of the staff who are on that particular site.
  2. An approved fire extinguisher must be available and within reach of staff at all times.
  3. A Health and Safety officer will carry out inspections to identify potential or existing hazards and will take necessary action to mitigate or eliminate any identified hazards in areas under its immediate control.
  4. The responsibility to manage hazards identified in areas under the jurisdiction of the stallholder, will be on the stallholders.